Notecard check in week 1

Week 1 of my notecard system went pretty well.

It was eye opening to look at it after a week and see which habits were effortless and which habits were not.

Waking up

I only woke up by 6am two times. What I concluded is I am a “two alarm” person. I need one set for an earlier time (5:40) and one set for the actual time I want to wake up (6:00).

One alarm didn’t work last week, but this week two alarms works wonderfully!


I did not do it.

Trying again this week, but honestly it will likely happen more when the kids start school next week!

Coffee Atleast 1 hour after medicine

I was about 50% on this one last week.

This week I am at 100% because we moved the coffee pot to the cabinet so there is no temptation for morning coffee.

So those are the habits I struggled with. Here are the ones I did well:

  • Walking everyday and push-ups
  • No grains
  • Taking vitamins (added this midweek)
  • writing (did 2 out of 3)
  • Reading 30 minutes
  • Low internet usage
  • Bed by 10pm

I reminded myself that the goal is progress, not perfection.

But I am also aware of things that derail my progress. Removing obstacles (like the coffee pot) is the easiest way to ensure progress.

So I am in week two and feeling great.

Checklists always work well for me, so I am excited to keep improving with my notecard checklist!



  1. I love this idea, I’m going to put it use myself. I live checklists as well. They are a great way to look back on your day and see what you e accomplished.


  2. I love this idea, and will put it to use myself. I like checklists as well, because you can look back over the day and see what you have accomplished. I never thought about using it for a week and then looking back and see what worked and what didn’t. Great idea, thanks.


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