Nine Summers

Sounds like a weird title…so let me give some context.

Today, my kids finally started school.

This isn’t our first back-to-school, but it is our first full year at our new school in Illinois.

And even though I promised myself I wasn’t sad about it, seeing their empty rooms after drop off still got to me.

On my walk home I realized something crazy. I have 9 summers left with my oldest before he is on his own.


In years, 9 sounds like a lot. But 9 summers is only about 20 months.

Only 20 months of vacations, swimming, popsicles, water balloons, long daylight, and fireflies.

Only 20 months to have slower mornings and later nights together.

Then I realized this number is probably less than 20, because he will get older and more independent.

He may want to watch Marvel movies and eat popsicles with someone else. 😊

After my realization, all those mundane moments of summer seemed precious.

Suddenly I wanted to say yes to every request to play pool and ping pong, and yes to the ice cream truck.

And suddenly all this alone time I waited and waited for seemed very quiet.

I am still grateful to have our routine back and grateful for more time alone to do my work.

And I am not afraid of time moving fast, because I know I can’t stop it.

But I am grateful for the reminder that I only have 9 summers left with him.

So I will not wish the rest of them away.



  1. Wow, that’s a different perspective on things. It makes me think about how many summers I will have with Macy before she doesn’t want to hang out grandma anymore! We better get busy having fun! I already say yes to everything she wants. Lol

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  2. Hope you are enjoying Illinois and everyone settled in quickly! This is Caryn from Scottsdale Public Library. I am no longer in Scottsdale I moved to downtown Chandler Public Library and I am the Youth Services Librarian. I graduated this summer with my MLIS. Three years that flew by in a blink. Enjoy your new home and your family time flies when you are having fun!

    Best to you and your family! I always enjoy your essays!

    Caryn Nall

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