Frugal Fix: Use It All Up

Raise your hand if you have thrown away produce that you intended to use.

Yes, I have too. And it always seems to be spinach.

So one of my favorite frugal fixes is: use up what you have. All of it.

Any food thrown out is wasted money, and wasted money will not help my frugal goals and does not feel good.

This seems so obvious to use what we have, but it really does take intentional effort.

It also takes creativity to open the pantry and refrigerator and create something out of nothing.

You have to be willing to eat a few plain meals and a few weird concoctions.

I was going to detail all the foods left in my house and my plan for them, but I thought a video would be easier to show how we use up what we have.

My son did a pretty good job as my videographer….we only had to do two takes 

Here is the link because the video didn’t want to load in the post:


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