Inspiration from High School Students

I remember as a kid hearing people talk about the “next generation.”

It was usually with lament or joy.

Now that I am a parent and bit older, I understand this desire to look back at the next generation and search for hope. Sometimes it can be hard to find.

But last weekend we found some of that hope and inspiration.

We got an email from our school district that the local high school was having a STEAM showcase. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics is what the acronym means).

It sounded like a fun activity so we decided to go.

Robots, ceramics, short stories, music, costume design, research papers….all by young high school students.

As we spoke to many of them I felt such a sense of hope and inspiration.

Many of their projects blossomed out of the pandemic.

Many of them said, “I had all this time during the pandemic, so I created this.”

Created….NOT consumed.

One of my biggest fears for our society is the lack of creators. We consume a lot of media, products, and food, but there has to be people on the other side creating for all of it to work.

So walking through that showcase and seeing young creators filled me with such joy.

The next generation has a lot of potential, and I am excited to see how they use it and what they create.



  1. “created, not consumed”
    I love this! It can be applied to so many different areas of life!
    I too find so much joy in future generations. I am priledged to be in a workplace, where I get to see the amazing things that they do daily.
    Thanks Brittany

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  2. Omg I love this! This is exactly why I used to love school, and I’m now searching for school that gives students space and time for creativity. This post is so succinct, yet inspiring! I can tell readers will remember the inspiration from this post for longer than the time it took them to read it:)

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