The Post Trip Tidy

I loved our long trip back to our hometown.

But I also loved returning home to Arizona.

I walked into our apartment and saw our space and all our stuff with fresh eyes.

After wearing the same 4-5 shirts and the same pair of jeans for 3 weeks, I realized there is still room for improvement.

I still have more than I need.

A new season is coming, so it is the perfect time to acknowledge what I ACTUALLY wore during the winter season. It is a really great time to get rid of everything I don’t need.

So I am using my post-trip energy to tidy our space and get rid of stuff.

Last week the kids got involved and I put two pieces of paper in front of them with the words “Yes” and “No.” I pulled all their clothes from their closet and let them have free reign to choose what went in each pile.

They quickly filled a large box of clothes and their closet felt so much lighter.

Now I tackle my own closet and other spaces in the house, and as I do I feel the hope of a new season.

A season where the kids return to some extracurricular activities.

A season of abundant sunshine.

A season where Kevin may return to an office.

In a year where the walls were closing in on us a bit, simplicity saved the day.

Simplicity gave us the breathing room we needed at times.

And each time I reduce our items further, I feel more freedom.



  1. I just got caught up on all your recent posts. I’m so glad you are posting again! I need to get started on spring cleaning and lightening our space too. Thanks for the motivation and inspiration!

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