Self Care Monday

Often I don’t realize I need to take care of myself until the kids and I are all in tears.

Today was that day.

My daughter and I were both digging our heels in about dressing and brushing teeth, and eventually we both felt horrible and were in tears.

Not a great way to kick off the week, but feelings don’t always have great timing.

When I finally got everyone to school with all our tears dried, I returned to find the following words from Kevin on the white board:


At first I felt embarrassed. It felt like I had caused such a scene that my needs were so obvious.

Then I felt grateful.

Grateful for a husband who saw my need.

Grateful for kids who forgive me quickly when I lose my cool.

Grateful for a day off to reset.

So what exactly does a self care day look like to me?? Well, it varies.

Sometimes it’s very active. Sometimes it’s very productive.

But today it means coffee, writing, reading, walking, and breathing.

Those are all things I already planned to do today. What makes it self care is removing other tasks that detract from the calm.

I am hitting reset for an hour or two.

Today will not be a wash, despite what my frazzled mind declared earlier this morning.

Don’t be afraid to reset a bad start.


One comment

  1. If I could push that button in your picture, my wish is that it would remove social media from the world. So happy you are writing again, keep going! Can’t wait to buy your first book


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