The Gifts of Time and Energy

As younger parents, we have accepted the reality that we don’t always have the same financial means as other families.

The main reason is that I never had a career before having my son at 25. Others may have worked 5-10 years before children.

This felt like a huge hurdle in the past.

Sometimes my friends could be more generous with their resources and I felt very insecure in my early mom years.

At toddler play dates I remember people freely sharing all their nice snacks and food and crafts. Meanwhile I would slice one apple into 16 pieces so my kids and I could share it.

But over time I realized that all gifts do not cost money.

Many things require time and energy, and as a stay at home mom those were things I DID have.

So I began to focus on giving my time and energy.

When our church needed AWANA volunteers a couple years ago, I jumped in.

When our daughter’s soccer team needed a coach, I jumped at the chance to give my time and energy.

When the school needed more substitutes this year to stay open? Sign me up!!

Now that I am working part-time, we actually do have some extra resources now and then.

But ironically, many needs can only be filled with time and energy…not money.

So if you find yourself insecure about what you can give financially, I encourage you to change your thinking.

Give the gifts that don’t cost money.


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