Decluttering: A Fresh Perspective

With homeschool starting next month and temperatures between 105 and 115 degrees (still), our indoor space needed a reboot.

Changes in season, new jobs, starting school–these are all great opportunities to evaluate space and stuff.

I started with the kids.

One In, Two (or Three) Out

We do not force our minimalism on our children. But we do think they benefit from simplicity, so we include them in the process and try to show them the benefits.

The other day I let them use their money to buy toys. They each picked out two new toys.

When we got home they were ready to rip open the packages. I stopped them and calmly said, “Please go pick out 3 toys each to give away.”

I explained their new toys needed space, so other toys had to go. They quickly found 3 toys each and commenced opening their new ones.

Many people use the “one in, one out” rule to manage stuff. Lately, I prefer “one in, two (or more) out.”

I believe we have more excess than we realize. While “one in, one out” manages our amount of stuff, “one in, two out” helps us continue decreasing our stuff.

The 365 Challenge

I love accountability and challenges.

I also love Erica Layne’s Life on Purpose Movement. (None of my links are affiliate…I just like providing information and resources 🙂).

Recently, I discovered a free one-page printable on her blog titled The 365 Declutter.

It has 365 small boxes. Each day you cross off the box if you got rid of something. The idea being that in one short year you could get rid of 365 things!!

You could use the sheet two different ways:

1) Cross off boxes for each item you get rid of


2) Cross off one box each day no matter how many items.

Whatever motivates you more!

I typically love large decluttering in a short time. I get a sense of joy filling multiple bags in a weekend and calling it done.

However, I love this paper because of the element of slow. Each day is new, and you just have to find 1 thing. It is so manageable.

If you are someone who is afraid of the big declutter, this approach has less pressure and anxiety.

One day and one item at a time.

I am on my third day of crossing off boxes and it feels good to see the progress.

We all need accountability and fresh perspective sometimes.

I am excited to see our stuff continue decreasing….because as I have said before, Less+Less=More.



  1. You’re right about “one in, one out” being good for maintenance, but not useful for decluttering. I like the 365 idea… and if you’re interested, or need some ideas, you might check out this list of 100 Items To Declutter for a Simpler Home from my blog… file:///C:/Users/K&J/AppData/Local/Packages/Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe/TempState/Downloads/100%20Items%20to%20Declutter%20for%20a%20Simpler%20Home%20(1).pdf


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