Never Too Old to Play

Last night we took our kids to a trampoline park. This particular one also had a warp wall and other “Ninja Warrior” style obstacles.

It was family night so we all got a pass to jump for a great price.

Kevin got up the warp wall right away. I kept getting to the top but couldn’t pull up on the last part.

Finally on attempt 5 I got it. I was so excited!!! We laughed and slid down to a new obstacle.

We did trampoline jumps, balance beams, and arced monkey bars. Then we found ourselves in an intense dodgeball game, adults vs. kids.

The first hour flew by because we allowed ourselves to play.

I don’t believe we are meant to stop playing. But in an achievement driven world, play is underrated.

Play is how children discover their world. They learn creativity, give and take, risk taking, cause and effect, and social rules.

Kids are losing play earlier and earlier, and adults definitely do not feel permission to play.

When we were all jumping and playing dodgeball together, it felt fun.

Being a young family is not always fun.

It is a daily grind where we never think we are doing it quite right.

But last night felt right.

Maybe we just need more play.

Maybe we need to sing along to the radio more, jump, climb, color a picture.

Maybe the kids are trying to show us how it is done.

We are trying to listen to them more.

You are never too old to play.



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