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I was not sure if “dailyness” was a word. Judging by all the red scribble marks under the word, I conclude it is not. But while listening to a podcast, two women were talking about the struggles of day-to-day tasks/life with kids, and one of them blurted “dailyness.”

I laughed because I somehow completely understood the meaning of this made-up word.

It seemed to mean that low-level chaos. That feeling where getting through the day is about all that one can manage.

For example, I have a budget document going through November of 2020, yet I still struggle with the daily budget. The numbers don’t always magically fit daily as they do 12 months in advance.

I have plans for homeschool that are magical and whimsical….yet getting my kids to put clothes on each morning takes at least 30 minutes to an hour.

Sometimes the big audacious plans are easier to build than the daily plans.

I think this feeling of “dailyness” gets in the way of our motivation and momentum sometimes.

So how do you build a day to keep momentum and conquer “dailyness?”

Here are things that work for me:

Make my bed

If I am making the bed that means I am out of the bed. Win!!!!! Full disclosure: sometimes I make the bed and still lie back down…but most of the time it works!

Get your time first

If you have kids this means trying to wake up before them. I know that sounds like a monumental task…but even a quick cup of coffee before they wake up will make you feel like you got time alone.

If you don’t have kids this means time to yourself without input. No news, social media, or other media. Time to set your mind right for the day.

For me it means running 30 minutes every other morning. The mornings I do not run, I write or read. For me this is a great blend of physical and creative.

This time could also include things like stretching, exercise, an extra 30 minutes of sleep, sketching, or if you have babies a long hot shower. 🙂

Remember quality over quantity. It is probably not practical to get the same amount of “you” time each day. But make sure the time you do get refreshes you in some way.

Choose One Task

I am trying to get away from to-do lists and instead focus on one thing at a time.

Choose one task, complete it, and move on to another.

Control Inflow

In today’s world we feel a sense of responsibility to respond immediately to emails, texts, posts, calls, etc.

We feel like our phones are tracking devices.

Here is a thought I think often to remind myself not to feel guilty about answering immediately:

When I was a child, cell phones did not exist. So when my mom left the house, no one could interrupt her. If they missed her on our landline phone, they left a message or tried again later. When she returned home, she usually didn’t have 40 messages awaiting her. It was easier to be “all in” at each place or activity because the expectation was not the constant connection we have today.

So the next time you feel compelled to answer everyone and everything immediately, remember that it is not a tracking device.

My best suggestion is to occasionally leave your phone at home. You will love it.

If you cannot do that, then turn of all notifications and pick a time of day to respond in batches to texts, email, calls, etc.

By controlling your inflow in these ways, you will not repeatedly pause and interrupt your day.

Fresh Air

We try to get fresh air everyday regardless of the weather.

This is easier for me and the kids, but more challenging for Kevin since he works in an office.

He combats that issue by getting out first thing in the morning, and when it cools off we do more evening walks and park trips as well.

Being outside during the sunrise and/or sunset gets you more in sync with your circadian rhythm. In my experience, this leads to better sleep and more calm.

Close out the Day

For me this usually means doing all dishes, making lunches, picking up toys, and clearing surfaces. I do this to help myself for the next day.

For Kevin it can mean laying out clothes for work, packing his backpack, and stretching to relax.

Whatever helps you finish the day well and set yourself up for success tomorrow!!!!

If the “dailyness” of life has you stressed, try to build your day in a way that allows for more quiet moments.

Be intentional with your time and your tasks and the daily grind might feel a little better.






  1. Good thoughts. I am past the stage of having children at home but I remember well when just going to the bathroom required planning. I am a fan of embracing the stage of life you are in and you are in this crazy “dailyness” of having children underfoot and pinching every penny, but it will pass sooner than you think. I don’t often comment but I read all your posts and wish you and your family well.


    • Barbie,
      Thank you for your comment and well wishes. Your perspective is so great…it is always wise to embrace the phase we are in!!! I already feel the changes as they age and try to remind myself to enjoy the good and the bad!! Thank you.


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