Do it For Tomorrow

Photo by Scott Umstattd on Unsplash

Think about the daily tasks you dislike the most. The ones that are the hardest after a full day.

These are the tasks we love to delay. We tell ourselves, “I will do it tomorrow.”

Do it for tomorrow.

Do the task now so your tomorrow is easier/calmer/better.

Envision tomorrow if you do it now and envision tomorrow if you don’t.

Last night I exclaimed in an exhausted voice, “I do not want to do the dishes. I am too tired.”

Kevin did not care if I did the dishes, but I secretly wanted his “permission ” to opt out of this chore.

But when I went to the kitchen for a glass of water and saw all the dishes, I instinctively started cleaning.

You have to do the work eventually.

We both love waking up to a clean kitchen. It makes morning coffee relaxing and starts our day with a clean slate.

Doing the dishes last night was for my “tomorrow self.” I knew how I would feel today.

So instead of the logic I will do it tomorrow, I encourage you to think I will do it for tomorrow.

Set yourself up for success tomorrow.

The bonus is your today will get better too.



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