Shopping Ban 14 Week Review: Back to the Purpose

My awesome new sticker that was totally unnecessary. You live you learn.

My daughter is sick today, but I know if I don’t write this today the rest of the weekend will be me and my son sick. (Kevin is magically immune to our germs).

It always happens that way. I just accept it now and plan accordingly.

Anyway….Shopping Ban 14 Week Review!

Reaffirming Purpose

I feel at this point I need to restate my purpose of the shopping ban.

I have become over confident and suddenly find myself recategorizing everything as an approved item.

My original purpose was to consume mindfully and avoid unnecessary items. Gifts for others are totally fine and replacing broken items…but other items must meet stricter criteria.

My goal going forward is not only discerning between needs and wants, but challenging if the needs can wait.

Approved items

We did purchase some approved items, including a camping grill for $30. This was an item we have needed since last summer.

I say “need” because every single time we have camped there has been a fire ban. No joke….EVERY TIME!! No campfire to cook over has meant eating out. Not only expensive, but also not the “roughing it” experience we wanted.

So we grilled hot dogs and mushrooms over our new grill while visiting Kartchner Caverns last weekend. An amazing time and great purchase we will use all year.

Next up, Kevin’s silicon wedding ring.

Kevin has not worn a ring for 99% of our 9 year marriage. This has not bothered me.

It started because he was working in a factory setting and it was not allowed. Then he got used to it and just kept it off. Then he lost weight and his ring no longer fit.

But the last year he has expressed a desire to wear it again, and these silicon rings have gained popularity.

So I spent $7 and got him a six pack of them in various colors.

I did not try to predict the color he wanted. I put that ball in his court!

We also purchased a $10 Hydroflask water bottle cap because one of ours broke.

These water bottles can keep ice from melting for several days. Cold water is VERY nice when summer hits in Phoenix because the faucet will only put out warm and hot water.

Next up, skateboard pads! My son got a skateboard from his grandparents and was SO excited!! We decided $20 knee, elbow, and wrists pads were far cheaper than an ER visit, so it was a great purchase! He loves riding it.

Last approved item was goodie bags for my son’s birthday. He handed them out to his class instead of a big party, so we saved money and he still felt special. Each bag had bubbles, playdoh, two pieces of candy and Wikki Sticks.

Other Items

These items were justified in my head at the time. Upon further review they are not my best purchases.

1. Sonic video game for my son

He had a $10 off coupon which helped, but this would have been a great opportunity for him to use his own money for something he wanted.

2. One sticker and two mineral rocks from cavern gift shop

The sticker looks awesome on my water bottle (see photo at the beginning of post for the awesomeness), and the kids loved the minerals (for exactly two hours)…but I think I would like that $9 back.

This shopping ban helps me confront bad purchases. It reminds me of the empty/silly feeling after a wasteful or impulsive purchase.

I wanted to be the fun/hip mom and buy the minerals and sticker. Next time I will be the fun/hip mom and buy ice cream.

Ice cream is always a good use of resources to me.



  1. I love your posts and how relatable they are. I am starting a shopping ban for myself. My significant other isn’t quite on board yet but once he sees how drastically I am able to reduce our grocery bill over the next month or so I think he will also be interested in my money saving ways. Thanks for a great post and I will definitely keep following your shopping ban!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Rebecca,
      Thank you! I am glad you are finding the content useful! Also excited about your shopping ban. Sometimes when significant others see the dramatic change they get onboard quick! šŸ™‚

      Best of luck!


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