One Thing at a Time

imageAlmost getting smashed by a car on my morning run led to an unexpected question:

Is our multi-tasking, high-speed pace really adding value?

This driver did not see us at all. Her light was completely red and had been for at least 5 seconds. She was coming full speed towards the light with no intention of stopping. When she finally slammed her brakes, I just shook my head.

She was most likely distracted by something.

Maybe her to-do list for the morning was already too much and too overwhelming.

I have been there.

Trying to squeeze as many items into a morning before the day picks up speed. Trying to check things off my list to “feel productive.” Trying to prove to the world that I am adding value.


I learned that my list does not define me and does not hold my worth. I am still learning ways to improve in this area, and Kevin is a huge help.

He posed an interesting challenge to me the other day. I am a list person through and through. I love writing down my plans for the day and checking things off.

But he proposed picking one thing at a time.

No list, just pick one thing and focus on that until it is done. Do it well and add value. You cannot do it all at once…so why think about it all at once?

Continue this process of one thing at a time until you have accomplished your tasks for the day.

Kevin has followed this principle for awhile with great success. I have seen the calm in him, so I am ready to try it.

I still need grocery lists and library lists, but no more task lists.

So today I wrote nothing down.

The beauty of this is whatever I get done is what I am supposed to get done.

No more half finished lists making me feel lazy and guilty. Just doing what I can do, and asking for help when I need it.

I know the feeling that driver felt as she slammed her brakes this morning. Overwhelm and distraction.

If you feel that way too I leave you with my favorite equation that always seems to add up:




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