The Wisdom Within our Regrets

Photo by Alex Wigan on Unsplash

I have learned that within my regrets there is usually a valuable piece of wisdom to move me forward and improve.

Lingering in what I didn’t do or what I did do does not benefit me or others.

I thought of this as I stared at our supplements in our kitchen. I laughed.

There was always a joke in my family regarding the number of supplements my dad took.

He would swallow what seemed like 20 pills at a time each day. Ginkgo Biloba, ginger, fish oil, multivitamin, etc. He had a reason behind each one and would happily share it with anyone who would listen.

So as I stared at my own collection of supplements, I smiled.

My only regret with my Dad in his final years is that I didn’t call him more and make him feel more welcome to call me. We were both always waiting for the “right” time to call.

But I realized this regret is in the past. Revisiting it without making changes does nothing, except bring sadness.

I cannot call him now. I CAN call other loved ones and friends, and be more available to their calls.

The wisdom I found within my regret was this: We all need real connection. So connect with people intentionally and do not wait for the “right” time.

Make decisions that prevent future regret.

Flip regret on its head and find the wisdom hidden in it.

Use that wisdom to make real change, grow, and move forward.

Reflection is important. But when reflection gets us stuck in the past, we become paralyzed.

Accept the regret, look for the wisdom, and move forward.



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