Finding Flow Through Simplicity

Have you ever felt inspired or motivated to do something, only to stop your pursuit after searching for what you need?

Our stuff can interrupt our flow.

What do I mean by “flow?”


Think of the last time you did something that felt timeless. You could do it forever and have no idea the time or what is around you.

This is flow.

For me I get flow running. My mind clears and all I feel is my breath (and the scorching 5am sun this time of year).

But imagine if I could not choose what to wear on my run or couldn’t find my shoes. Does the run even begin? Do I even take the first step if my process is cluttered?

Simplicity is about living your best life. It is about maximizing time spent in flow and minimizing time spent on processes.

So how can we achieve flow?

1. If you keep moving it out of the way, get rid of it

If you are always moving an item but not actually using it, get rid of it. It is in the way and interrupting your process.

2. If you have multiples of something only keep your favorites

This applies to clothes, shoes, coffee mugs, or anything else. Keeping only the best and only favorites will decrease your decision time.

3. A place for everything

I know, I know….we have all heard this many times. But each minute spent looking for things wastes time and energy.

For example, I always hook my keys on a hook inside my backpack. We walk, bike and trolley everywhere. When I get home from a sweaty 110 degree bike ride with the kids, I do NOT want to dig for keys. I grab the hook and there they are.

When there is a designated place for things, everyone knows how to find things, and life is easier.

4. Make processes automatic or habitual

Habits= Less mind time

Less mind time=Room to breath

Kevin sets our coffee maker to brew everyday at 5am. He sets it every night so it is a habit for him and also removes a task for me.

Neither of us think twice about the coffee.

5. Make time for flow

Allow yourself to dive into a task or passion without guilt. Do not let your mind be somewhere else.

As I write this I am locked in my room while the kids play. I am all in.

When you are in flow be in–when you are out be out.

Kevin and I simplify to make physical and mental space for what we love.

There is not room for all of it. Literally no room in our 950 square foot apartment and figuratively no room in our minds.

We want that space for each other, our kids, family, passions…not stuff.

So if simplifying to achieve an Architectural-Digest-worthy space does not motivate you, do it for flow.

Simplify so that the next time you are inspired you can act quickly and find flow.


(This post also appeared on No Sidebar)

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