Shopping Ban 18 Week Review: Back on Track and New Strategies

Going through this group of receipts was very rewarding. We got back on track and stayed within our budget.

Almost all our receipts said “cash” at the top, which is always in line with our goal to use more cash.

Cash is important to us because we are more mindful with it as opposed to our debit card.


This two weeks included my son’s kindergarten graduation. We celebrated with a trip to our favorite nostalgic ice cream shop–Sugar Bowl. It was a fun celebration and I even got the honor of finishing my daughter’s melted ice cream. (I LOVE ice cream so any extra amount I get is truly an honor).

Another highlight was a free event called Mighty Mud Mania. I could describe it….but sometimes pictures really are worth a thousand words:

We biked there, got muddy, hosed off, and biked home. It was amazing AND free!!


We made sure our dollars were high impact and tried a new budgeting strategy.

We took the amount of cash and divided by the remaining days in the pay period to get a dollars-per-day number.

Example: if there is $140 cash left for 7 days, we have $20/day to spend on groceries, gas, and laundry.

This system helped us prioritize. If there was $5 left for the day, a few cans of tuna and eggs were the best nutrition-per-dollar choices.

No impulsive snack buying for the kids.

We will continue using this system for the accountability and ease of tracking.

Reflecting on these two weeks I am proud of us for watching all our small purchases and remembering what we actually need.


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