Showing Up for the Team

Photo by Max Winkler on Unsplash

Anytime you are part of a sports team there is a chance of injury.

This “chance” should not keep you from participating.

Last night there was an NBA playoff basketball game between the Golden State Warriors and the Toronto Raptors. One of the Warriors top players, Kevin Durant, has been out with an injury for the previous games.

He returned to play last night, but in the 2nd quarter injured his Achilles and left the game. It was hard to watch.

This injury will most likely carry over into next season. Still, he got in the game and showed up for his team.

Durant could have remained on the sidelines, but sometimes the biggest thing you can do is show up. He did that and should be proud of his decision to show up.

I think relationships have many parallels to athletics.

It could be my husband’s love of sports analogies or the fact we both participated in sports….but we often view our marriage with this same “team” mentality.

Just like there is a chance to get hurt in sports, you can also get hurt in your relationships.

This possibility of hurt should not paralyze you. You should still show up for your team and participate. Put everything into it.

Do not sit on the sidelines in relationships and hope for the best. Participate.

You might get hurt, but your teammates will know you showed up. And more importantly, you will know that you showed up.


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