The Right Metrics

From Pete the Cat’s Groovy Guide to Life, by Kimberly and James Dean

My daughter wanted to read a Pete the Cat book today, and this was one of the quotes in the book:

Isn’t it frustrating to be the fish in this scenario?

A simple swim test would reveal the fish’s strength, but all that matters is climbing the tree.

It’s all about using the right metrics.

Many of us have felt this way. We know our strengths but the metrics used by others (or ourselves) show us coming up short.

For example: I am not a stylish dresser.

No one has ever looked in my closet or glanced at my size 12 Nikes and said, “That is so in right now.”

I imagine this will never happen to me…and that is okay. I do not identify as fashionable. I despise shopping for clothes.

But if I suddenly measure my self-worth or value up against a fashionable mom on Instagram, I will feel stupid.

I am suddenly a fish trying to climb a tree.

Fashion is not my genius.

If you want to talk frugality, simplicity, fitness, and healthy eating….I am your gal. That is my “genius,” so to speak.

We all have one.

As I raise children in this world of constant scrolling, selfies, and feeds, I want them to use the right metrics.

I want them to know their strengths and judge themselves appropriately based on those strengths.

I want them to know that Mom and Dad don’t care about their “likes” or “followers.”

I want to use the right metrics for myself and my loved ones. I want to set people up to succeed.

I will not be the fish hopelessly trying to climb the tree that is social media and comparison. That is not for me.

I will swim.




  1. Thank you for this reminder. I needed it. It’s been tough living with a middle school daughter who sees her value based on what her friends have- big houses compared to our simple apartment. She definitely is feeling she is climbing the tree and quite frankly, I’ve been feeling that way too. Thank you So much 🙂


    • Tina,
      Friend comparisons can be so challenging as a parent. Our kids cannot always appreciate what we are doing for them, or see the value in the simplicity we have. We too have an apartment, so I empathize with the house/apartment comparison! Glad this post could encourage you! Stay strong!


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