The Weight of Our Stuff

Ever since my daughter could walk, her hands have been full.

The items seemed to balance her at first, one item in each hand.

But as she got steadier on her feet she continued to add more items to carry. Each trip or transition required frantically grabbing several toys and cups before she could join us.

She was often a few steps behind because of her things.

This sounds so familiar.

Even at a young age I could see my daughter overwhelmed by her stuff.

I think her feelings represent the general state of our lives.

Too much stuff. Can’t keep up. Off balance. Weighed down.

I began helping her with her things or limiting what traveled with us.

Pretty soon, she didn’t need much with her, because she realized it meant keeping track of it.

She learned to lighten her load.

This story isn’t just about my daughter.

We all carry a lot with us, whether it’s physical or emotional.

Just as life starts to settle down or feel steady we feel this urge to add something new. An item here or commitment there.

We struggle to truly lighten our load because “everyone else” seems to carry so much more—and with a smile.

I am here to say forget this fictional “everyone else.”

The weight of our stuff is real, and only we know how it personally feels.

Do not carry what others do.

Carry what you can.


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