Shopping Ban 12 Week Review: Replacing a baby doll and traveling to Nashville

This two week period was especially exciting with my trip to Nashville…alone!!

But before I talk about that, one other receipt jumped out to me.

The $6.47 baby doll.

When Toys are Justified

Now, those who know me well know that I do not buy my children toys 99% of the time.

Check out line $1 hot wheels cars? Nope.

Dollar spot at Target? Nope.

I am quite a stickler about impulse kid purchases.

I believe kids mainly just need to climb trees, play in a creek, and ride bikes.

So, spending $6.47 for a grocery store doll was out of character for me but very necessary.

My daughter had emptied her bank and used ALL her money to purchase a baby doll at our grocery store. The very next day she left it on the trolley.

Things left on the trolley are like socks in the dryer…not sure where they go.

There were SO many tears.

I thought she had moved on but two days later she randomly burst into tears and said,”I am just so sad I lost my baby and she is gone forever!!”

Some might see this as a moment to teach responsibility. I have done that with other lost items, but this felt different.

As we drove to her last swim class I told my husband to stop at the store. I ran in, bought the doll, and smiled as she squealed with delight and surprise.

She was grateful and she learned not to bring special toys on the trolley.

A great use of money in my opinion!

Nashville Solo

The other big event was my trip to Nashville to run a half marathon and stay with my mom and her husband.

I had an AMAZING trip and loved the race!

They spoiled me immensely, so I actually didn’t spend much money. But I did buy something at the airport. A Nashville magnet.

I buy a magnet every time I visit a new place. Our refrigerator has about a dozen.

It’s not my husband’s favorite collection…but when we are 90 someday I bet he will enjoy looking back on our travels and adventures.


The shopping ban feels habitual at this point.

I feel little temptation to buy for myself, but continue to focus on one question whenever I buy anything (including food)…Do I actually need this?

Asking this question has changed my consumption.

We did a better job using cash instead of debit, which was a goal from the 10 week review.

As we approach my son’s birthday next week my only goal would be to make him feel special and celebrate the amazing kiddo he is!

His favorite homemade enchiladas and exploring caves in Tucson….check!


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