The expectation of perfection

Yesterday on the way home from school my daughter asked me if I had ever thought bad things.


When my children ask these questions out of the blue I am always curious how the thought originated.

She wanted to know because she had learned at church that sin is anything we say, do, or think that is bad.

With this knowledge I could better answer her question.

“Yes, I have thought bad things.”

Both my kids looked at me with shock. I could see in their eyes that it was not acceptable for me to have imperfections. They know that Kevin and I do not expect perfection from them and we remind them often they cannot be perfect. But they still expected it from me.

Isn’t this true for all of us?

We expect perfection from others at times while giving ourselves grace.

When someone else is rude or grumpy we call them a jerk in our mind, but when we act the exact same way we think I have had a hard day. Maybe that person had a hard day too.

In a world that loves to see people mess up and fail, I want to encourage us all to give more grace.

Everyone is fighting a hard battle.

Yes, I have thought bad thoughts and judged others. But my sweet little daughter reminded me this is wrong.

So today I am going to give more grace and not expect perfection from others or myself.


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