The Changing Path

I used to think once I was on a certain path that I could not change direction. Or if I did change direction it meant I made a mistake.

Dropping out of law school in 2011 was my first adult decision that felt like admitting defeat. I knew I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom and start having children….but the six figure debt of law school did not jive with that plan. So I left.

After I made that tough decision I realized that life did not end, and the new path was right where I needed to be.

Now I reflect on that decision to leave law school and smile. It was the right decision and I am glad I had the courage to make it and change direction.

So as my husband and I consider homeschooling our son next year, I remind myself that changing direction is okay.

Just because we started in public schools does not mean we have to continue on that path. It does not mean we made a mistake either, it just means circumstances changed. It means we reevaluated and came to a different conclusion.

Do not let inertia keep you on a path that feels wrong.

Changing direction might take you exactly where you need to be.


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