See Something Say Something

The local high school we pass each day has this saying on the digital sign…”See something, say something.”

Today I had an opportunity to do this.

Being a smaller woman who typically has young children with me, I do not go out of my way to confront others. I want to keep myself and my children safe first and foremost.

But I spend every afternoon with middle and high schoolers…and have learned (unfortunately) what they find entertaining and “funny.”

One of those “funny” things is tossing ride-share scooters into the pond by our trolley stop.

The first time I saw it I was so shocked I did nothing. My kids saw me do nothing, and I regretted it.

So today as we walked to our stop I saw some kids begin moving a Lime Scooter to throw in the pond. All I did was walk right up to where they were, put our things down, and look them right in the eyes.

They immediately stopped. I stood staring until they left.

I did not even need to say a word, because once their anonymity was gone I knew they couldn’t do it.

I think a lot of the hateful things out there stem from a disconnect between the thing we are doing or saying and the person or people it affects.

Those kids are not bad kids, they just needed to know I saw them.

When I see something I will do something.


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