An Amazing Gift

Photo by Jose Alejandro Cuffia on Unsplash

I often remind my son that he does not know everything. He needs to be humbled sometimes.

Yesterday it was my turn to be humbled.

My husband and I have known for a while our 4 year old daughter has a speech delay. Last summer her doctor recommended she get evaluated and get free services through the school district.

I had the best intentions to get it all done.

Then my son’s school had a fire and got relocated. The preschool services were now in a different school than my son. With no car, I could not get him to one school and her to a different one. So I stopped the process before I even started.

No evaluation, no services.

I boldly thought I have an Elementary Education degree…I can do this!!

But as people continued to misunderstand my daughter her frustration grew, and I realized how limited my skills were in this area.

I needed help.

Then I met a new friend at school. We had casually talked all school year, but I finally got the courage to exchange numbers and have a play date.

As we got to know each other she shared she was a speech pathologist, and she offered to evaluate my daughter. I fought back tears and told her I would love that.

So yesterday we sat in her kitchen and she administered the test. It was incredible watching her do her craft. My daughter was so relaxed. After it was over my daughter went to dig worms while we talked.

The results were low, but I was surprisingly calm. I realized I felt relief. My friend gave me the gift of knowledge. Now I knew our starting point and had tools to work with my daughter.

For a year I felt like I was failing my daughter. In one afternoon my friend gave me that confidence back and provided a service we desperately needed. I was overwhelmed with gratitude.

My husband and I both shed tears last night as our daughter practiced her “s” sound joyfully.

I learned it’s okay to ask for help, and that I don’t know everything.

Admitting this took a huge weight off my shoulders, and now I can meet my daughter right where she is.

An amazing gift!



  1. It’s humbling to admit you don’t know something and ask for help. How serendipitous to find the perfect person at just the right time!! Your daughter will certainly appreciate it when she’s older.

    As a kid 40 years ago, I stumbled over L and S words and had speech therapy. I still remember practicing (among other phrases): “I have eleven apples in several barrels.” A mouthful, for sure, but it helped!!

    Also, my niece stuttered as a toddler (as many kids do). She grew out of it ~ and it only reappeared when she got excited. As a result, she wanted to become a speech therapist and help kids like her. She just earned her master’s degree in speech pathology ~ so the circle continues!


    • KD,
      I will have to give that phrase a try with my daughter!!!

      Such a neat story of your niece turning her struggle into a career to help others. It warms my heart to hear that!

      Thank you for reading!


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