When They Let Go Easily

Photo by Liza Summer on Pexels.com

You would think as “minimalist” parents we would LOVE when our children get rid of things voluntarily.

But sometimes watching them let go so easily makes me cling tighter.

Two days before Christmas, my daughter did a huge clean-out of her room. She is usually my mini-hoarder, so I was pleasantly surprised she wanted to clean out her stuff.

She let go of stuffed animals, toys, clothes, old crafts.

She quickly filled 4 large paper grocery sacks and kept coming out of her room with more.

I was so proud of her as she kept adding to the pile.

But as I went through the bags, the tears began to flow.

It felt like her childhood was in these bags and that donating all of it would bring her childhood to an end.

I almost snatched a bag of “Hatchimals” to keep in my closet. I thought it would preserve the memories of her opening each little egg and squealing with delight.

I thought if I donated the Hatchimals I would forget how cute it was every time she declared she found a “rare” one in her pile.

But as those memories surfaced, I remembered that the memories are not tied to the physical item.

And I realized her childhood was not over.

After paring down her items, she actually played more with her remaining toys. She created things again with the craft bin.

Her decluttering was a way to make space for her play and creativity.

It was a good reminder for me that sometimes the adults cling tighter than the kids.

As I dropped off all the donation bags, I smiled at all the memories they held. Hopefully those items will bring new memories to new kids.

And my memories will remain…even without the Hatchimals.



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