The Push and The Pull

At my yoga class each week, the instructor begins the class with the same phrase.

“Don’t quit, but don’t hurt yourself.”

Everytime he says it, I envision a tug-of-war. A push and a pull. A balance.

The push is “don’t quit.”

The pull is “don’t get hurt.”

We all need to push ourselves sometimes to get better, whether physically or emotionally.

But we also have to pull back too to avoid hurting ourselves, physically and emotionally.

This balance is hard and delicate.

I don’t claim to always know whether to push or pull. Sometimes I choose incorrectly and pay the price.

But as we approach the 10 month mark of our move, I can say I have worked hard to remove things that pull me too much.

Bitterness, extra stuff, and busyness were all things that were pulling me. They all have to go.

Exercise and healthy habits were areas where I needed a push.

So, even though I think New Years Resolutions are a bit cliché, I have some words of encouragement for all of us.

Don’t quit, but don’t hurt yourself.



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