Catching My Breath

While on a morning hike in the Colorado mountains, I had a moment where I had to stop to catch my breath.

I couldn’t catch it on the move like I can at home. The my burning lungs and the elevation forced me to stop.

At first I was annoyed. I felt like I should be able to walk without stopping.

But I spun around to see the aspen trees, mountains, and sun staring back at me.

It felt like God took my breath away so I could actually appreciate His creation around me.

How many times does my mentality to “keep going” stop me from enjoying the beauty around me?

How many times do I interrupt a beautiful moment with Kevin or the kids to return to my to-do list?

How many times do I forget to acknowledge the new baby deer eating the plants on my morning walk?

I needed this reminder.

Part of me believes my Hashimotos was the culmination of all the times I didn’t stop to catch my breath in the past.

So now I sit here, staring at the mountains, grateful for the reminder to catch my breath.


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  1. I can really relate to this Brittany. My thyroiditis was caused by an infection, but even now – three years later- the fluctuations leave me completely breathless. It has forced me to slow down, pace myself and listen to my body. And you are so right! There is so much magic and peace in stopping and looking around. 🥰. Our thyroid controls so much in our bodies ( who knew) and when she sulks or throws a tantrum we have to send her love and kindness and respect. 😊 Sending love and kindness and respect to you too Brittany! 😊🥰

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