Frugal Fix: Borrow Before You Buy

Sixty years ago when my grandmother was a young mom, I imagine everyone did not have everything.

There was not Amazon around to instantly fill any “need” that arose. And items were relatively more expensive.

Every house did not have a TV, snow blower, or microwave.

I imagine that neighbors borrowed items from each other and shared often.

But in our world today, where it is so easy and relatively affordable to buy items, we don’t think twice about buying.

So this week’s “Frugal Fix” is: borrow before you buy.

How many of us have an Instant pot or Air Fryer that we rarely use?

What if we had borrowed one from a family member or friend to test it out first?

Maybe we would have waited to buy it or not bought it at all. Or maybe we would realize it was great and make a very confident purchase.

Borrowing applies to our small purchases too.

This weekend we have family visiting from California and Chicago. There will be a total of 7 kids and 8 adults gathered together.

We typically use glass mason jars for water cups, but obviously don’t want a bunch of glass jars sitting around with young kids.

We could easily purchase some cheap plastic cups for a small amount of money. But when everyone leaves we do not want plastic cups.

So we will borrow cups from family, as well as sleeping bags, pillows, air mattresses. These are all items we only need for a brief time.

When someone you know has something you can borrow, why purchase it for your house too? It is an unnecessary duplication.

What are other benefits of borrowing besides helping your budget?

Borrowing builds community

Our neighbors have all offered to let us use their yard tools. They know we are new homeowners and they see us struggling at times with our limited tools.

They feel good sharing and we feel good not buying a bunch of yard stuff.

We feel connected to our neighbors because of this sharing mentality.

Borrowing is Environmental

Each time we borrow something we don’t pull a new item off the shelf.

One less item in the landfill someday.

Borrowing Builds Humility

Borrowing helps us accept help from others. It reminds us that we don’t have to own it all or do it all alone.

When we accept help in this way we feel supported and can turn around and support others.

There is nothing wrong with purchasing something you need or want.

But it feels really good to share when possible and save some money along the way.

Happy borrowing!


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