Continuing Simplicity

“Duration is not a test of true or false.” Anne Morrow Lindbergh in Gift from the Sea

How often we believe the opposite of this quote— that the longer we do something the more truth it holds, but if we change course something was false.

I felt this recently.

We are moving from our 2 bedroom apartment in the Phoenix metro area to a house in our small hometown in Illinois.

I felt, briefly, that our simplicity would suddenly die with our move.

I felt that buying a house ended our duration of small living and therefore made our past minimalism “false.”

But the quote above from my favorite book reminded me that change doesn’t nullify the past.

Our home will still hold our principles. These principles are within us, so if we are in the home so is our simplicity.

Our simplicity these last 7 years enabled this change and this home purchase. It was all true and worth it.

I still believe apartment living has many perks.

I still want our space to feel small and simple.

And I still believe more rooms doesn’t have to mean more stuff.

So as we prepare for this new chapter, I will make sure to “pack” our simplicity. ❤️


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