Growing Where You Are

Arizona has represented a huge part of our family.

Our babies grew here into elementary aged kids.

They have made best friends and I have made best friends.

We have our favorite parks, trails, restaurants and grocery stores.

And now we prepare to move back to Illinois in the spring, 1,600 miles away.

At times it feels like ripping roots out of the ground…painful and messy.

But I remember 7 years ago thinking I couldn’t handle leaving Iowa behind to come to Arizona.

And here I am 7 years later in Arizona with an amazing community.

So it seems the answer is to grow where you are….wherever you are.

We will be near family again in Illinois. We don’t have to start from scratch because the roots are already started there.

I know there will be moments of doubt along the way.

The four of us will dearly miss our friends, the climate, the mountains.

But adventure awaits and we are ready to grow somewhere new.


(Photo of winter sunset on Mississippi River in our hometown ❤️)


  1. Best to you on the move! Can you wait until Spring? Lol. We are from the Midwest and love AZ too. Our family is considering a move to Missouri to be closer to the family.
    May you find joy and rest in the new journey. 🙂

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  2. I grew up in Phoenix, and I visit often as many of my friends still live there. I’m in Washington state now and it was a good move. I understand your feelings. Enjoy you memories and the joy of making new ones in Illinois!

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  3. I grew up in NYC, and my parents never accepted our move to the Midwest, where we found amazing community. My kids grew for 11 years in Mount Carroll, IL – very close to the Mississippi River! E relocated to Iowa and now to NC. Best of luck. You (and they) will grow where you are planted.

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