The Screens

She walked in the door, all their faces were hidden.

Clutters of bikes that no one had ridden.

Books unread, recipes unbaked.

Dishes unwashed, leaves unraked.

She began to speak, to share her day.

But from their screens they did not look away.

They tried for a second to lift their eyes,

But they quickly fell back—-to her surprise.

She thought she was enough to pull them away.

But she learned something very important that day.

The screens do not care what they pull you from.

They only care that you continue to come.

Back and back and back for more.

Swipe, tap, beat your score.

Look at us, look at them.

Better clothes, better life.

They very thing promising joy

Only bringing strife.

Imagine a world where kids play until dark.

Not on a screen, but at the park.

Imagine calling a loved one to check in,

Instead of a text, “How you been?”

I love this world I imagine in my dreams, 

Where we all face the world instead of our screens.

I know it cannot return to before.

I just hope for a little bit more.

A little bit more face-to-face talking.

A little bit less internet stalking.

A little bit more being unique.

A little bit more standing up to speak.

A little bit more kindness and love.

A little bit more rising above.

I don’t believe the screens have made me stronger,

So I will not worship them any longer.


(And yes, my son pointed out the irony that my screen poem is published on a screen 🙂 )


  1. Really well written. Wish it weren’t true! The pandemic sucked us into ways we didn’t want to live🙁

    Now to the task of mindfulness, carefully deciding what we want this “new life” to “live like”!
    It’s a big task thrust upon us but together we can do this!!

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