Being Open to Free

A stool and electric kettle we salvaged recently

College was my 1st experience with salvage.

I remember seeing hundreds of perfectly functional items fly into dormitory dumpsters each May at move out time.

My heart ached at the sight.

I was already a big fan of Goodwill and other secondhand stores. I was beginning to see the environmental impact of all our waste.

Although I cannot tell you the 1st item I ever salvaged, I know it forever change my mindset.

That item’s next stop was the landfill–but I rescued it. I felt like a hero to the world and my budget.

I often thought, “I was going to spend money on this, but I got it for free!!! How is that possible??”

It wasn’t just rescuing items that fascinated me.

Next I learned that telling people about your trash treasures led to another phenomenon I like to call “free radar.”

Once someone knows you are open to receiving items, you are on their radar anytime they get rid of something.

They know you are open to free.

So your thrifty nature breeds more thrift. Suddenly you are saving money, sharing with others, and helping the environment.

I wish you all happy salvaging!


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