The Little Voice and the Stolen Bike

The Old and The New

When my kids were watching a TV show and it mentioned Satan, my son immediately asked who that was.

I responded, “It’s another name for the Devil,” and I moved on with cooking.

Kevin took it a step further and they began discussing this idea of the “voice in your head.”

We talked about how that “voice” might try to tempt us do something that is wrong, and what we could do to make better choices or ignore the voice.

Kevin and I were happy with how the conversation went, and we felt like the kids learned something. Parenting win!!!

What we did NOT expect was to use the lesson a couple hours later.

A few hours later we were preparing to bike to the library. As I went outside to unlock my bike from the railing, it wasn’t there.

That’s odd. Oh well….I must have brought it inside and forgot!

But as I searched, I got that feeling like when you lose your kid in a public place. You are pretty sure they are close by, but you are silently freaking out.

Unfortunately, my bike was not close by. It was stolen.

It took me a while to even accept this happened. I was heartbroken.

Not only was this bike extremely sentimental to me, it was also extremely necessary and practical for our lifestyle. We literally use it everyday to bike to and from school. I use it for the grocery store, bike rides with friends, dates, etc.

Next I started to get angry.

The bike only had one remaining brake, so I sent a text to my friend, fuming. “Secretly hoping the only squeaky brake snaps on the thief.”

And then I just burst into tears.

My kids were so sweet and both hugged me. They felt my hurt.

Then our lesson about the “voice” came full circle.

Kevin told the kids, “See how upset Mommy is? Someone listened to that voice and chose to steal something that didn’t belong to them. And now they have hurt someone else. THAT is why we don’t listen to that voice. It can lead to bad choices that hurt us AND hurt others.”

My kids’ eyes were wide with understanding. This lesson was so real for them.

I am still feeling a lot of emotions about my bike.

But I told my kids that I forgive whoever took it. Maybe they needed it more than me.

They cannot take what I freely give. So I am letting it go.

And some silver linings?

I have the most amazing memories with that bike.

Pulling my daughter all over town behind me on the wee-ride.

All our family bike rides.

Kevin commuting on my bike for almost a year.

And the final silver lining??

We found an abandoned bike several hours after mine was stolen.

We are trying to track down an owner. But in the meantime, we fixed it up so I at least have some wheels for the week.

So out of the heartbreak of theft comes the heartwarming feeling of salvaging another bike.

A perfect ending.



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