Staying Busy

This year has brought more downtime for us, and particularly more home-time. It has also brought the added challenge of filling that time in positive, healthy, and productive ways.

That is why this post has the above photo.

I was taking a photo of some muffins I made.

Now, normally I do not take photos of my baked goods. But, I was especially excited about these muffins because I baked them on a Zero Dollar Day.

On these Zero Dollar Days, I am typically out of a lot of ingredients. So I usually have to look up a new recipe based on what I have.

I am always delighted when I can scrounge up what I need.

So I took this photo FULL of pride, because our empty fridge had miraculously yielded these pumpkin oatmeal muffins. (See empty fridge below)

And then I noticed Kevin in the background of my photo doing pushups. He was doing 10 pushups every time he had a break to pass the day and get a workout in.

It made me giggle that Kevin got in my muffin photo because it perfectly shows our pandemic journey.

We have not mastered all the home time and together time…but we have found our own ways to manage it in a healthy way.

In this particular instance, I am managing by being resourceful with our food and baking a healthy-ish treat. And brewing coffee, of course.

Kevin is managing by doing an at home workout and leaving his office (our bedroom) whenever possible.

It may not seem like much, but it is enough to keep each of us sane.

And it made me smile to capture one of these moments on accident.

Hope you are all finding little things to bring you joy and fill your time in a healthy way!!


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