The Unknown Goal

Photo by Jakub Kriz on Unsplash

Imagine you start running down a trail.

You have no idea how long it is, and you have no idea how far you want to go.

The goal of the run is unknown.

Or is it?

Is the goal actually just starting, doing, trying?

I struggle to start things sometimes because I want to do BIG things and have BIG goals.

I do not always see the beauty in starting in the dark.

All this reflective time has retaught me the joy of starting.

My energy that disappeared in April and May has returned, and I realize that finding the goal is like color-by-numbers.

You have to start filling in the colors and then the picture starts to emerge.

The key is you have to start.

You cannot stare at the picture and expect it to jump out at you.

So start coloring, writing, running–whatever it is for you–and the goal will emerge.

The goal is not unknown. You just have to start to reveal it.



  1. One of my favorite quotes, which complements your post, is from a 1970s-era Salada teabag: If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.

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