A Week of Rest: Reigniting Passions

When you take a week off of everything, sometimes you realize what you really love.

Last weekend was my birthday. We had a wonderful date night Friday and then a 4 day weekend with Kevin.

It was a great four days of coaching soccer, Legoland Discovery Center, a farm visit for pumpkins, and the start of the baseball World Series.

Somewhere in there (probably one of the germ infested kid places), I caught a bad cold/cough.

This led to a week of no running, no writing, no homeschooling. Just lying in bed either coughing or groaning.

Now that I am almost over it, I am thankful for the break from everything. Sometimes a break gives you more appreciation for the things you love.

It is easy to lose perspective or view things as a chore.

After being sick I cannot wait to go run again. I cannot wait to write. I cannot wait to do experiments with the kids and go to the park.

My passions feel reignited and my gratitude has grown.

As the holiday madness approaches, heightened gratitude is always welcomed.

I have a series of posts I look forward to sharing with you about the holiday season titled: Gratitude vs. Consumption.

For now I am thankful for health and getting back in the swing of things!



  1. Happy belated birthday!!!!!!! Glad it was a great four days with the family but sorry to hear you had caught a bad cold. I totally agree that having that break gives you a new perspective. All of a sudden you are thankful to be able to clean your house or do those things that you’ve done a million times. Sometimes you also get those moments where the roles switch and all of a sudden your kids are trying to take care of you. Thanks for the encouragement to take a moment to see things differently even if we aren’t sick now ourselves.


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