Community: What We Can Do Together

Last night I had the privilege of participating with a marathon relay team.

Going into the event, I was pretty nervous. I only knew one of the five women I would be running with.

It all turned out great, and my fears lessened as we prepared to start.

In this race, one member of our team had to be running at all times. We would alternate runners each lap.

As I waited in the number two spot for the exchange, I felt an immense excitement and joy replace my nerves.

We had created a community.

As soon as that race started, our 6 runners and two supporters had a connection. We were in this together.

Community is not just a place, but also a feeling, experience, and mindset.

Community is a shared goal.

Community is cheering for each other.

Community is created when we all give our best.

I have talked before about collaboration instead of competition.

When our team finished our 20 laps (26.2 miles), it struck me…we just ran a marathon together!!!!

Something I have never done on my own, and couldn’t have done on my own.

Each person made it happen. Each 1.3 mile lap mattered. Each effort was equally important.

The marathon only happened because we did it together. A community of runners, a community of women.

This community always existed, but I wasn’t always seeking it and participating. Now that I am, the possibilities for community are endless.

If it feels like community does not exist around you, you need to seek it out or create it.

If we wait for community to come to us, it may never happen.

Be open to it, participate, and seek it out.



  1. That’s amazing, well done! I love running and I’ve been meaning to join a group here in Cairo that jog in the early mornings, when it’s still cool. It’s an entirely different experience than a brisk jog on the treadmill at home.

    Dee ~ Vanilla Papers

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  2. Oh!!! I love your words regarding the experience!!! it was so amazing to be there to support all of you!! I definitely want in for the next community marathon! You were all so inspiring!!!


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