Inspiration and Competition

I used to think I could only be inspired by people doing things I could do.

I had a more competitive/jealous view of inspiration. If I couldn’t do it, I refused to be inspired by it.

Now, I see the flaw in this thinking and realize inspiration comes from watching others conquer themselves. In any field.

I no longer make excuses of why I am not doing what they do. I applaud their accomplishments and see what I can learn from them.

Example: Courtney Dauwalter, Ultra Runner

She is my current hero, for so many reasons.

She wears what she wants. Not the latest hip running gear–baggy shorts and a t-shirt.

She is humble.

She goes into the “pain cave,” as she calls it, and gets tougher each time. She doesn’t avoid the pain.

She laughs and has fun in the process.

Initially, I would read about her accomplishments and make mental excuses for why I was not pursuing my personal best in life.

But now I know life is collaborative, not competitive.

I let the inspiration in. I don’t turn it away.

Because of Courtney Dauwalter….

I am inspired to push myself on runs.

I am inspired to pursue my love of writing.

I try to be myself more and laugh more.

I am inspired to get mentally tougher and try to do a little more than I think I can.

I am changing my inner dialogue.

When I see people doing great things, I cheer them on. We are not competing against each other.

I can learn from young and old alike.

We have to stop thinking success is scarce, something reserved for only a few. We have to stop thinking only some of us can be inspirations.

Instead of competing for the same “piece of the pie,” let’s grow the pie.

We can all teach each other and learn from each other.


One comment

  1. Love this, Brittany! And I agree.. I listen to a lot of podcasts and I’m always surprised about how much I can learn from interviews with amazing people, no matter what their field or career.

    Dee ~ Vanilla Papers


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