Treating Items Like They’re Expensive

My husband and I started dating in high school when we were sixteen.

Two things I noticed right away: 1) His car was always spotless and 2) His Easton sunglasses were always in their special case.

He would meticulously wipe the lenses of the sunglasses with a special cloth. I thought this was odd at the time, since the glasses cost $25 or less.

When I asked him about it he said something like, “If you treat them like Oakleys they will last.”

This lesson has stuck with me ever since.

Just because items are not expensive does not mean we should treat them cheap.

That is precisely why I took apart our $10 fan the other day to thoroughly clean and dust it.

I unscrewed approximately 8 screws and pried open the fan with a flat head screwdriver. Anyone watching would have gasped at the cloud of dust that exploded from the fan.

It is two years old and could easily be junked.

I could say, “It’s not worth cleaning that fan.”

But if I treat it like it’s valuable, I extend the life of the item and my appreciation for the item.

We clean our Ikea table and chairs just as we would clean an expensive set.

My Goodr sunglasses now have a case and special cloth.

And our 7 year old Nissan Versa is spotless…at least until the kids ride in it!

Treat items like they are expensive–they will last longer and you will appreciate them more.



  1. I just found your blog from reading Nosidebar and I am thrilled to read your work. Thank you so much for adding value to my day. I am so excited to read your pieces.
    Alana Stanton
    Mother of Three, Minimalist, and Educator


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