Completing My New Years Resolution…Two Years Later

Two years ago I made two New Years resolutions:

  1. Learn to sew a button
  2. Do a pull-up without assistance

I did not accomplish either goal in that year.

But last week I purchased a mini sewing kit and re-visited my first resolution.

We had several stuffed animals that needed sewing and my daughter’s pillow.

In the past, a ripped stuffed animal would be garbage or get the pleasure of meeting my hot glue gun.

Below is my not-so-handiwork on my daughter’s bunny. Sorry, Floppy. 😬 (The armpit of Floppy is entirely hot glue now).

The worst, though, was Kevin’s work pants. The button had fallen off over a month ago.

I enthusiastically promised Kevin I would fix these pants. He smiled and laughed, knowing my inability to sew.

So for one whole month he wore pants with no button to work.

That motivated me to buy the sewing kit. My husband should have a button on his pants, and shouldn’t have to get rid of his favorite pants.

My cute little sewing kit came and I just jumped in with zero research. I threaded the needle and got to work.

Thankfully I started with a teddy bear, a pillow, and an Ernie stuffed animal. Worked out all my errors.

Then, while everyone was asleep I sewed a new button on Kevin’s pants!!!

I felt very industrious and a bit like one of Santa’s elves.

Kevin was shocked, naturally, but very excited to have a button.

We live in a throw-away culture where items typically get tossed at the first sign of wear-and-tear.

Bringing these 4 items back to life was so rewarding for me, and gave me hope I can save other items from the garbage.

I guess it is never too late to finish a New Years resolution!


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