The Blue Sky Behind the Clouds

Photo by me, taken on Tom’s Thumb summit in Scottsdale

Each day we get to choose our attitude. I did not always believe this, and I used to get a sense of comfort from being able to blame my mood on the situations of the day. This made being a stay at home mom feel easier in the moment.

But my husband convinced me I had a choice in the matter and it has made all the difference.

There is a quote related to optimism that explains how the blue sky is always there, it’s just hidden temporarily. Optimism is trusting the blue sky is there.

As we raise children I fear they will not know how unconditional my love is. I want them to understand it is not based on mood or circumstances. I told them the other day that even when we are upset with them we love them the same–every second of every day. They seemed to understand, but I wanted a better analogy for my mind.

Then it hit me as we had a rare rainy day yesterday. Our love as parents is the blue sky. It is always there. There are stormy seasons as parents that seem to never end, but the love is there behind the clouds.

So this will be the new analogy for me. I will choose my attitude and remember that the sky is always blue behind the clouds.


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