What is the Purpose?

Photo by me

On this simplicity/minimalism journey I have had many highs and lows. Our stuff has steadily decreased over the last 4 years, but the feeling of the simplifying has been both positive and negative.

I attribute these feelings to purpose, or lack thereof. When the simplifying has a purpose it feels effortless and positive. Without a purpose or goal the simplifying feels labored and negative.

When beginning a journey in simplifying you need to understand what motivates you and drives you forward. It is different for everyone, but understanding yourself is key to success.

Here are some goals of our journey:

  • To meet our goal of debt free before 40 (seven years from now).
  • To increase our capacity to help and love others around us.
  • To spend our time doing things, not working to acquire things.
  • To leave a smaller environmental footprint.
  • To free up mental space and feel less stressed so we can enjoy each other more.
  • To play more, like my son in the photo above.
  • To be mobile and flexible so we can take on unique opportunities if they arise.
  • To have clarity to wake up, decide to camp, and be ready in 30 minutes. We love spontaneous road trips, and simplicity enables them.

This list drives our decisions. At the end of the day, you need your own list and have to ask what is the purpose?

For more tips on getting out of a decluttering slump, read this article by Erica Layne.


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