The Origami Paper

Every once in a while we find something unique at Goodwill that turns into a HUGE hit.

The $10 over the door basketball hoop…huge hit.

The $5 Patagonia jacket that Kevin later sold on Ebay for $120….huge hit.

My red coffee mug. 😊

Obviously there are also items that are total flops.

And the third category is items that seem like flops, but I cannot get rid of them.

I feel deep down these items will eventually serve a purpose.

This category is where the origami paper fits.

My son first got into origami about 3 years ago. He would watch countless how-to videos and create swords, throwing stars, Yoda, etc.

During that time, we happened to be at Goodwill and I spotted an untouched book of origami paper for $2.49.

What a steal for 500 pages of colorful paper!

I would no longer have to watch him get frustrated making squares out of printer paper.

Well, it appeared to be a flop. He did not want all the crazy designs and continued with his white paper process.

But each time Kevin or the kids tried to get rid of that origami paper, I saved it. I rescued it from many donation piles.

I was convinced it had a purpose, and I was right.

We have used it for crafts at home, crafts in my classrooms, and today it was FINALLY used for origami.

We made 41 origami hearts for my son’s Valentines Day party.

I felt so justified in my obsession with this booklet of paper.

And we spent zero dollars on cards.

Even though I love getting rid of things, I love when the things I cling to serve a purpose.


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