Notecard Challenge Reflections

The notecard system has been a great catalyst for change.

It showed me where I needed the most improvement (sleep and coffee) and accountability (sleep and coffee, lol).

I also learned that too many changes at once can be defeating and confusing.

My original list was lengthy, and I felt myself overwhelmed trying to squeeze in every little item.

So after a month of using my notecard I figured out the big things I want to do everyday going forward.

  • Wake up early (5:30am-6am)
  • Move everyday (walk, run, bike, lift, etc)
  • Less internet time
  • Write everyday
  • Decaf coffee
  • Eat real food (meat, fruit, veggies, light dairy, no gluten), take vitamins, and don’t snack after dinner
  • Bed by 10pm, but begin unwinding around 8pm

Nothing on this list is revolutionary for me (except the decaf coffee). But writing these things down and tracking them helped me really focus.

I love how challenges reset my priorities and help me live the life I want to live.

Continuing to make these items habits will take some work and focus, but I am grateful the notecard challenge paved the way for these improvements.



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  1. I have appreciated your posts in the notecard challenge. It reminded me to get back to that practice. It’s easy and so useful to help focus my mind on small daily/weekly habits that add up to big changes over time.
    Thank you!

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