Frugal Fix: Skip One Thing

As costs rise, many of us are trying to find ways to save money.

Frugality is valued again because of its necessity.

So I am going to share some of my little ways of stretching our dollars in a series called “Frugal Fix.”

Frugality doesn’t need to be extreme to be impactful.

So my first frugal fix is simply skip one thing. Just one.

Find one activity, meal out, or item you planned to buy and skip it this week.

Put one item back at the store that wasn’t on your list. It doesn’t matter how small the item is.

Skip a second helping at dinner and save it for lunch tomorrow.

It all adds up.

This week, my one thing I skipped was breakfast out on a Monday.

I thought about grabbing the kids some fast food breakfast (for no reason), which usually costs $10.

Instead, I made them a homemade breakfast sandwich.

An easy $10 savings, and now I can allocate that money towards some other activity, experience, or (most likely) groceries.

We have always felt the start of the week should be pretty “quiet.” Eat at home, free activities (park, library), etc.

If the start of the week is quiet, it feels okay to have a treat or do a special activity at the end of the week.

Skipping one thing on Monday can mean a coffee date with Kevin on Saturday.

Delayed gratification and saving money…a double win.

What will be your “one thing” to skip this coming week? I’d love to hear in the comments 🙂




  1. My ‘one thing’ will be skipping Chick fil a tomorrow. I have a coupon for a free sandwich, but id still spend on sides and a drink. My ‘diet’ will be happy as well 🙂

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