The Strength of Positive Words

I have always loved to sing.

As early as I can remember I would memorize lyrics so I could belt it out.

I would sing along with the radio everywhere I went.

This obviously annoyed many of my siblings, so I often heard the phrases, “STOP SINGING” or “SHUT UP!”

Even as an adult I am occasionally told to stop singing.

But, the shower has always been the place I can sing without interruption or feedback.

So the other day I was singing my favorite tunes in the shower.

As I stepped out of the bathroom, my daughter was standing there smiling at me with a look of admiration.

“I really liked your singing Mommy.”

The simplest words hold the most love.

I felt so loved by her in that moment.

Kids tell you what they think so purely, and their positive words are life-giving.

This little moment was a great reminder for me to say all the positive things I am thinking.

Never hold back the positive because it might mean the world to the person hearing those words.


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