The Consumption Train

There is a country song by Josh Turner called “The Long Black Train.”

The premise of the song is that this train carries many of our vices and we should avoid riding it.

I love a good metaphor.

So as I was walking this morning with that song randomly in my head, the idea of a different kind of train popped in my head.

The Consumption Train.

This train moves fast, especially in today’s world.

I can get on the consumption train without even leaving my house.

I can scroll and add to cart in my pjs at all hours of the day.

This train doesn’t take breaks.

But, it is possible to step off the train.

During my August “No online shopping” challenge, I stepped off the train.

I no longer thought of what I could consume at any given moment.

Instead I simply lived my life.

If needs came up, I filled them.

If wants came up, I considered them thoughtfully and either fulfilled them or not.

So simple.

Being off the consumption train was very freeing for me, but it is always tempting to get back on.

In these moments I remind myself that our family thrives when we consume less. Not just less stuff, but things like food and media too.

And as the main spender in our household, I get to steer our consumption.

This should be empowering. I can set us up for financial success.

So why would I squander that opportunity on unnecessary things??

The short is answer is, I don’t want to squander it.

But to avoid the unnecessary, I must continually and consciously step off the consumption train.

I believe the train’s last stop is “Financial Ruin,” and I definitely don’t want to stop there.

So each day I will do my best to choose the path to “Financial Freedom” and avoid that dreaded Consumption Train.



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