Returning to the Office

This week, Kevin returned to his office after 15 months of working at home.

The smile on his face as I dropped him off that first day was priceless.

Our normal is returning.

It feels a bit like we were holding our breath for 15 months, and now we can exhale.

I can make noise, play music, cook, vacuum, write.

He can focus 100% on work and have his own space.

We all win starting this week.

I am finally alone in my house for the first time.

At first I felt a lot of pressure to do a million things. Then I wanted to do zero things. Now I have landed in the middle somewhere.

So far I have gone to my favorite coffee shop to write, baked muffins, listened to podcasts, and rearranged the kids’ room.

Nothing epic has happened, but maybe that is the point. We all just needed space and quiet. Nothing more and nothing less.

It will take practice to fully embrace the quiet again. It has been gone so long I have to remember how to enjoy it.

But as I look back on this work-from-home journey, I am just proud we made it through to the other side.

Yes, I will miss all our random chats throughout the day and sharing lunch and coffee. But I love the excitement I feel when he returns home.

For our family, working at home did not fit.

So returning to the office feels like returning to joy.


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