The 60 Day Challenge

We all have slumps sometimes. Times where we know we could do better and be better.

I was in a slump in April.

I was back to feeling exhausted and tired everyday. I had that feeling where my days kept slipping away from me.

Blaming my Hashimotos felt like the easiest thing to do. Sometimes it is nice to have something or somone to blame.

But deep down I knew the real cause was a lack of purpose and discipline.

Yes, I had my substitute teaching job to provide purpose on certain days. But I found on my days off I had no defined structure or goal behind what I did. I wandered through each day a little aimless.

So I built a 60 day challenge for myself back on April 22nd.

The challenge I built for myself is very loosely based on the “75 Hard” challenge I saw popping up on the internet. I modified it to fit my needs, goals, and limitations.

The point of my challenge was not a physical transformation. This challenge, for me, is about a mental transformation.

It’s about building daily habits that help me thrive.

So here is my daily checklist:

**This original checklist had “take a daily progress photo,” but I did not enjoy that very much so I removed it! I really did not want 60 photos of myself on our camera.***

I have been checking off each item everyday, and since I love lists, this simple piece of paper has provided immense motivation, discipline, and mental clarity.

My productivity and energy have gone through the roof. Structuring my days in a more purposeful way has led to less pointless tasks and less wasted energy.

I am on day 46 today.

For me, having my own goals and processes each day that are separate from my spouse and kids has been monumental.

No matter what the days throws at me, I can still accomplish these things.

Have I been 100% perfect? Of course not.

But 46 days of 99% has made a huge difference.

I feel more present in my own life and also more in charge of it.

I do not plan to “stop” at 60 days. Instead I plan to reflect on my changes and growth and carry these new habits forward with me.


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