The Pig at the Park

I often tell my kids, “I know what I am doing.”

They doubt me and my ideas at times, so I have to remind them to trust me.

The other night was one of the those times.

We were all getting on each other’s nerves. There had been arguing, tears, frustration, and endless begging for tech time.

The sun was beginning to set so I declared, “We are going on a walk!”

Of course the kids moaned and groaned a bit.

“Where are we walking to?” They asked.

“There doesn’t always have to be a destination,” I said.

Somehow we made it out the door and starting walking towards the park. We were hardly to the end of the street and we were all sharing feelings and stories. We all seemed more calm.

We turned the corner and saw a beautiful big moon as the sky began to change colors for the sunset.

We made it to the park and my son immediately asked to walk back home. But a strange trailer in the middle of the field caught our eye and we went to investigate.

Apparently someone was having a birthday party and hired a mini petting zoo. So we walked up to the makeshift fence to see the goats, baby pig, and alpaca.

All of a sudden a sheep burst through the fence and all the animals tried to break free.

I got my daughter out of the enclosure and we watched as the young man in charge began chasing the animals. He secured them all except one little pig.

The next 20 minutes were hysterical. Not for that young gentleman, of course, but for all the people at the park watching a small black pig sprint around.

No one could catch the pig, and all the young children made it worse by chasing the pig and sending him further away from his enclosure.

Eventually the pig was trapped under some parked cars. I giggled from a distance and let my kids try to help get the pig out.

When the gentleman finally caught the pig the whole park erupted in applause.

We watched some sand volleyball and then began our trek home in the dark.

The three of us giggled as we reflected on the pig running through the park.

“We would have missed it all if we hadn’t gone on a walk,” I said.

They both smiled and agreed that the walk was fun and worthwhile.

See?? I know what I am doing.



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